April 20, 2012

It's Official Martin Scorsese's Next Film Is 'WOLF OF WALL STREET' Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

There had been some confusion of what project Martin Scorsese would be making next. He had his passion project Silence that had issues finding funding along with a return to the gangster genre with adaptation of I Heard You Paint Houses titled The Irishman. Yet, it's been announced that The Wolf of Wall Street is the next film for Marty. The film based on the memoir and true life story of wall street hot shot Jordan Belfort. It's been adapted by Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire writer/creator Terence Winter with Leonardo DiCaprio set for the role of Belfort.

Belfort, who founded one of the first and largest chop shop brokerage firms in 1987, was banned from the securities business for life by 1994, and later went to jail for fraud and money-laundering, delivers a memoir that reads like fiction. It covers his decade of success with straightforward accounts of how he worked with managers of obscure companies to acquire large amounts of stock with minimal public disclosure, then pumped up the price and sold it, so he and the insiders made large profits while public investors usually lost. Profits were laundered through purchase of legitimate businesses and cash deposits in Swiss banks. There is only brief mention of Belfort’s life before Wall Street or events since 1997. The book’s main topic is the vast amount of sex, drugs and risky physical behavior Belfort managed to survive. As might be expected in the autobiography of a veteran con man with movie rights already sold, it’s hard to know how much to believe.

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