April 24, 2012

CAST EM': Gemma Arterton As Whitney Frost In 'IRON MAN 3'

So it looks like Jessica Chastain has pretty been offered the role of Maya Henson in Iron Man 3 as the character is apart of the Extremis comics which the film is based on. The studio has already had meetings with actresses Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds), Gemma Arterton and Isla Fisher (Burke And Hare, Wedding Crashers) for the part before Jessica came back into the picture. My hope is that there is more than just one new female role in this film. Considering we know that the film will have multiple villains as previously reported by the trades. Currently Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce are in talks to talk two of these roles, unknown how large they will end up being. Rumblings that Ben could be playing The Mandarin while Guy is confirmed to be up for the role of Killian. A scientist that sells the nanobot-tech to terrorists.

Whitney Frost has been teased ever since the announcement of third installment. Emily Blunt had been rumored for the role but seems to have moved on from Marvel films. She recently signed on for the science fiction actioner All You Need Is Kill. Frost who is better known as Madame Masque has been both villain and lover to Tony Stark being as complex/conflicted as Loki. I've been quite critical that Marvel Studios has yet to include a female villain into the Marvel Universe. Frost could be at the very least a supporting villain that could develop into a main baddie for future films.

Gemma Arterton would be an excellent casting choice for the role of Whitney. She's been able to raise the quality in mindless films like Quantum of Solace, Prince of Persia and Clash of The Titans so imagine what Gemma could do with a film from Shane Black. The British actress has been able to balance dramatic, comedy and action focused roles all seemingly needed for a Marvel Studios production. In the film The Disappearance of Alice Creed, Gemma showed off a tough-side that had previously been unseen. This led to a meeting with Ridley Scott for a possible part in Prometheus and a leading role alongside Jeremy "Hawkeye" Renner in Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters. Gemma seems like an actress perfect for the Marvel cinematic universe and Frost is just one solid character she could portray.

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