April 12, 2012

'ANT-MAN' Featured In 'AVENGERS' Button Scene And Likely The Second 2014 Marvel Film?

During the Avengers premiere last night Robert Downey Jr. revealed he was shooting a final piece of footage for Avengers, a button scene seems about right. Marvel's Kevin Feige apparently made a face when Robert revealed that news. I assume upset that he could have ended up spoiling the "big surprise". With every new Marvel film we get a button scene and those are usually kept from the press, saved for the official release. In Iron Man it was the Nick Fury introduction, Incredible Hulk a continuation of the Avengers setup, Iron Man 2 gave us Thor's hammer, leading to the Avengers teaser at the end of Captain America. So what could we be getting with The Avengers? The sequels clearly don't need any sort of promotion or teasers since they're established franchises. There has been recent speculation that Ant-Man very well could be the featured hero in the button scene this time around. This makes sense considering Dr. Pym is a founding member of the Avengers and had to sit this one out.

A recent Tweet from Edgar Wright has fueled this rumor and Marvel's Kevin Feige while mum about it gives the impression he's holding back the full story. In an in depth interview about upcoming projects Marvel's Kevin Feige spoke to Collider about the Tweet. Feige grave Frosty a bit of the run around but mentioned to keep an eye on Edgar's tweets in the coming months. Giving the impression he has done "something" for Marvel or at the very least they'll be making an announcement concerning Ant-Man. We've all been curious why Marvel hasn't greenlit films featuring new heroes rather focusing on sequels instead. Ant-Man has been on block for years now and last we heard the studio was pleased with the script from Edgar and Joe Cornish. Could Ant-Man be that mysterious second film in 2014?, it's starting to look that way. If Ant-Man or Hank Pym indeed end up in the Avengers button scene we'll have our confirmation when it hits theaters. Either way as usual stay after the credits to find out for yourselves.

Edgar Wright via Twitter from earlier this month: "Was just back behind the camera for the first time in nearly two years. Can't say on what, but it was cool..."

Feige on whether Edgar has shoot something already for Marvel: "He did not. But I saw that tweet as well and thought, “Did he do something for us? No?” No, it wasn’t for us. But pay attention to his tweets in the coming months; that answer might change."

Feige on if Marvel will ever make three films a year: "Never say never. It’s not a goal, we’re not striving to do that, but circumstances sometimes may allow that to occur. Depending on what Edgar Wright films for us [laughs]. "

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