April 20, 2012

'LOBO' Gets A New Director

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver have tasked Brad Peyton to direct and rewrite their adaptation of Lobo. An odd choice considering he's best known for filming movies for children. Lobo being a rough talking and gritty bounty hunting biker doesn't seem to fit with Peyton's previous experiences. I should take it easy since they haven't really even released a new synopsis. Until then I'll be quietly concerned on the direction of this film.

Before the stellar success of Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie had been attached to the project. That apparently went pretty far into development as actors like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) were testing for the title role. One of the biggest issues fans and critics had with the original draft was that the interstellar bounty hunter happened to be stuck on Earth. Along with a apparent PG-13 rating which seemed out of place for the villain turned anti-hero. An odd choice also to set it on Earth considering the amazing Star Wars meets Riddick possibilities this potential franchise holds. Hopefully these new rewrites include more than just the inclusion of a 3D gimmick. I also hope the terrible handling of Green Lantern doesn't scare off the studio from using the Star Wars-like aliens and worlds.

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