June 4, 2012

Bill Murray Was Wanted For 'IRON MAN'

It was revealed last week via Esquire that Bill Murray had been wanted for an unnamed role in the original Iron Man film. states that Murray had been wanted for the first film but couldn't be contacted. Bill responded, that he likes keeping his business and private life separate making it difficult for industry people to call him at home to pitch projects.

If I had to guess what the role was I'd have to assume it was Dr. Sal Kennedy from the Extremis storyline. A longtime friend and mentor of Tony Stark who has a brief appearance in the Extremis comics which the entire franchise is based on, most importantly Iron Man 3.

Writer Scott Raab interviewed the actor for the new issue of Esquire. "Downey told me: ‘We wanted Bill to consider a role in Iron Man, but nobody could find him,’" Raab told Murray. "Show people are awestruck by your inaccessibility."

"I’m not trying to be coy," the actor replied. "It’s just practical for me. When the phone started ringing too many times, I had to take it back to what I can handle. I take my chances on a job or a person as opposed to a situation. I don’t like to have a situation placed over my head."

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