June 7, 2012

'TERMINATOR 5' Shooting In 2013 And Picks Up After 'TERMINATOR SALVATION' ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in full force as he's already got three large action films heading to theaters with Expendables 2, The Last Stand and The Tomb. He's now talking up his involvement with Terminator 5 that had director Justin Lin (Fast Five) attached. Arnie confirms to ActionEffects (via MovieHole) that the fifth installment will shoot sometime in 2013 which will lead into a sixth and final film. It's revealed for the first time the next movie will be a continuation of Termination Salvation even though the people involved weren't happy with McG's work. The mentioning of Terminator Salvation could mean that Christian Bale might be returning as John Connor. However, take this "news" with a grain of salt as the original source has deleted the page. There had been rumblings of the fifth film bringing back the time-travelling element back to the franchise. While I didn't love Salvation it had some great set design minus the terrible Terminator designs.

“I can’t say to much they want it held in secret if you know what I mean, but I will say that next year I will start filming it and it’s going to be one of the hardest films I have ever done I can tell you that already for sure”, Schwarzenegger said “… they have six months set aside just for filming, so I will be training and getting into the best physical shape I possibly can before filming starts. It does follow Salvation although some of the producers and franchise owner were not too happy about the job McG did with it but they felt it was good enough to continue on and they want the fifth and sixth installments to be the closing of the franchise.”

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