June 11, 2012

SPECULATION: 'AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2' Villain The Jackal? Plus Other Possible Villains

Sony had rebooted the Spider-Man with the Amazing Spider-Man heading to theaters next month. The studio has already tapped James Vanderbilt to start work on Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it's been given a release date of May 2nd 2014. It's possible the sequel's villain will be teased or introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man. I understand Spidey fans are anticipating the return of Norman Osborn and The Green Goblin but there are plenty of other villains to consider. Also, everyone knows that Gobby kills Gwen Stacy and the studio isn't likely willing to go that route so early. We should expect the studio to bring in unused villains for the next couple of films. I have my own theory that The Jackal is a very strong candidate.

JACKAL AND KAINE: In this new film there have been hints that Peter may or may not be a genetic experiment developed by his parents. Genetics has always been apart of the Spidey mythos but it could mean that the clone saga could rear it's head. The Jackal is the brains behind the secret program to clone Spider-Man which leads to the powerful villain Kaine. Oscorp has been thought to house a majority of these villains in the making for the new franchise. So it's possible a slew of unused villains could stream out of the company such as Smythe and The Jackal.

As the sequel is already heading into production we should assume the villain will be introduced in the first film. In the more recent trailer for Amazing Spider-Man there is shadowy figure that questions Connors in prison about Peter discovering the truth about his father. Many are assuming this is Norman Osborn because Oscorp is front and center in the film. However, this man seems a little too dishevelled to be the usually impressively dressed Norman. My theory is that he could be Dr. Miles Warren who becomes the Jackal leading to the ominous powerhouse Kaine. I also wouldn't count out this being Smythe as he's featured in the video game tie-in. Having Warren/Jackal as a straight up evil scientist and not "changed/conflicted" by an accident like all the previous villains would be something fresh. Not to mention he's a character I could believe killed Parker's parents. Perhaps, blackmailing them to work for him and his illegal cloning experiments or risk the safety of Peter.

One reason why this might not be Jackal is the death of Gwen Stacy. Green Goblin kills Gwen in the comics and if the Jackal is plausible that could mean that Parker could his cloning technology to bring Gwen back. If that's the case then Jackal wouldn't get involved until after the return of Green Goblin. That being said killing off Gwen (and keeping her dead) could ground this reboot similar to the death of Uncle Ben and Harry. Kaine could also come into play as a misunderstood villain and would eventually become one of Spidey's allies.


DR. MICHAEL MORBIUS: Raimi had talked to Empire magazine about bringing the living-vampire into his Spidey franchise during the early days of Spider-Man 4. He also went into more detail about his love of vampires when asked about Morbius by Fear during press for Drag Me To Hell. The only issue would be the Morbius rights might be attached to Blade which is now back with Marvel Studios. The character had originally been wanted for the Blade sequel and even had showed up at the end of the first film in a deleted scene.

“I like it in the Marvel comics when Spider-Man fights Morbius,” said Raimi. “He’s really cool. A vampire! I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural.”

"I Guess They're... umm, very appealing like the best of villains. They have some positive qualities, That is they can be very sexy and alluring, and umm they way in which they attack you is a very sensual it's almost something you desire. You know the bat, we're all scared of bats. Ew! so thats kind of cool. Some vampire stories go there some of them don't obviously. But umm, that why I like the fact that there's a cure against them in some of the lore like the garlic, or the cross. Thats really interesting, that there's a way to stop them. There's a whole story that can be made with all those elements so its got some real rules and laws. And then you could be turned into one of them, is interesting also. There's a lot of enticing qualities for a story teller and audience."

The main reason the Lizard ended up becoming the villain Amazing Spider-Man was the outcry from fans. Raimi had teased Dr. Connors for his last two films but ended up pursuing other villains for Spider-Man 4. The reboot went into development and the Lizard championed by the online community and Spider-Man fans alike. Depending on if Sony owns the rights to Morbius it would be a different type of villain than we've seen before as he's more of a horror creature than science experiment. While interesting his development into the living-vampire could have similar origins to The Lizard.

KRAVEN THE HUNTER: Besides the Lizard the most wanted classic villain fans have wanted to see is Kraven. Considering they've been using the Ultimate version of Spider-Man in the new film it's possible to a more plausible version as Kraven is a TV celebrity. The main trend of the villain selections (minus Venom) has been using classic villains Green Goblin, Doc Octopus and Sandman. If they wanted to bring the Sinister Six into the fray they'd have to bring Kraven into the franchise. Electro, Vulture, Shocker and Rhino (Paul Gimanti had lobbied for the role) could also be some classic villains to be considered.

DR. ALISTAIRE SMYTHE: An interesting aspect with Smythe is that he's established in the Amazing Spider-Man video game as an Oscorp employee. Apparently the game is tied with the new film so it could mean Smythe will be involved. Smythe is best known for development of many different generations of Spider Slayers. It doesn't seem like the best option but still it would be interesting to see a non-transformed threat and see more of a raobotic villain.

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