June 1, 2012

Damon Lindelof Wants To Write 'IRON FIST'

ComicBookMovie was able to chat with Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof (Lost, Star Trek 2, Cowboys And Aliens) about what superhero he'd love to take a shot at adapting. Damon reveals he would like to change the minds of comic fans turning a sort of an unknown lame character like Iron Fist into a badass on screen hero. He points to Matt Fraction's recent comics as his favorite run. Did you hear that Marvel? Damon Lindelof is putting it out there he'd want to write Iron Fist which would be a giant upgrade from xXx writer Rich Wilkes (who had previously worked on a script).

"I think I would rather do a character that not many people knew, and maybe saw as lame and couldn't carry their own movie. One character I've always loved is Iron Fist, and Matt Fractions incredible run with him a couple of years back. I always thought that would make a really cool movie. But I am hard pushed to think of me doing anything better than The Avengers which I just thought was phenomenal."

"Yeah well I mean I think it's because he's even more fringy than Iron Man was, and also because he's called IRON Fist they may be worried about some confusion with the Iron Man franchise, even though obviously they are very different characters. But I have to imagine that with the success of The Avengers, they are planning to give Black Widow and Hawkeye their own spin-offs, and there are many more characters on the fringe of the Marvel universe that I feel are equally worthy, like Iron Fist."

One giant issue concerning Iron Fist is that you're going to need an extremely good script that doesn't take itself too seriously. There's so much genre involved martial arts, Eastern settings, immortality, mystical powers, shoot em' ups, noir, terrorists and flashbacks to different time-periods. Damon could certainly pull these elements together. Marvel is aiming to make a film featuring a character outside of the Avengers' world for it's second 2014 release and Danny Rand fits that criteria. It would also be an excuse to bring in Luke Cage as a supporting character.

Idris Elba (Thor, Prometheus, Pacific Rim) and Dwayne Johnson have recently lobbied to play Cage. While fans have been championing actors like Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim, Sons of Anarchy, Children of Men) and Ryan Gosling (Gangster Squad, Drive, Only God Forgives) for Danny Rand. Personally, I'd love to see Charlie and Idris re-team for something like this. Hunnam had been a Thor candidate so he's definitely on Marvel's radar and co-starred with Elba in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim.

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