June 4, 2012

Christopher Nolan Still Wants To Make A Bond Film

Now that The Dark Knight Rises is about to hit theaters next month, the big question is what's next for Christopher Nolan? He had lined up a new Howard Hughes film but in an interview with Empire (via ThePlaylist) Chris states he has moved on. Another dream project he mentions is taking a shot at directing a Bond film sometime in the future. His previous film Inception was a giant love letter to Bond (within the science fiction genre) which took a lot of influence from the films.

This gives the impression like with Batman he could want to create his own Bond vision meaning a new actor taking on the role of Bond. We've been hearing rumors that actors such as Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba could be inline for the role next. However, if Nolan gets complete creative control over the film (extremely likely) he could cast actors he's previously worked with such as Cillian Murphy or even Tom Hardy as 007. Daniel Craig seems up for another film but producers will be watching closely at the reviews and the box office on Skyfall to see if they need to get new blood in the role.

Another possible film is the long in-development adaptation of The Exec which is based on a comic It's setup at Warner Bros. with Emma Thomas, David Heyman (Harry Potter Films) and Akiva Goldsman producing. The Exec seems like it could be our best chance for a semi-sequel to Inception as the main theme is greedy/violent corporations. Back in 2003 it had been reported by Variety that Jonathan Nolan was going to write with Chris directing. This project has been kicking around for almost ten years so it's unlikely it will ever get made. The comic's creator Doug Miers passed away in 2005 which might be the reason why it's been stuck in development.

In this offbeat, irreverent tale, corporations have achieved the status of nations, and if you're not tops in the boardroom, you'll find yourself laid out on the coroner's slab. In Comics Conspiracy's The Exec, your income and assets are the only things keeping you alive -- unless you remembered to pack your butcher knife or grenade launcher with your brown bag lunch.

Jack Pierce finds himself smack dab in the middle of this tongue-in-cheek look at the world of big business, but will this job give new meaning to being terminated?Welcome to the world of The Exec. When corporations achieve sovereignty, the term ‘Corporate Warfare’ takes on a whole new meaning. 

Executives are above the law and business decisions are accompanied by the sound of gunfire and explosions. Jack Pierce is a hotshot executive/executioner in a society where income level literally determines whether one is regarded as predator or prey.

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