June 7, 2012

Universal Officially Moving Forward With 'HUNTSMAN' Sequel, Writer David Koepp Confirmed

Universal Pictures could have hit on their hands when the final box numbers for Snow White And The Huntsman roll out. Deadline is reporting the studio is fast tracking the sequel with screenwriter David Koepp (Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible) that been in talks back in April. All signs point to Universal aiming for the return of director Rupert Sanders for the next installment.

Sanders had stated on red carpets he was prepared to jump back for a sequel if need be but has another project in the que. Considering he had a decent deal with the studio the first time around it wouldn't be hard to see him come back. While I felt the film had a lacking script, Sanders created a wonderful world that we only got a small glimpse into it's true scope. A majority of the film's problems stem from a rushed release date due to a competing film. This time around they'll likely be given the extra time to make a better movie.

They will also likely bring back key cast members from the first film. Mainly, Chris Hemsworth as the Aussie actor is the most bankable star of the budding franchise thanks to the quality of his other projects (Thor, Avengers, Cabin In The Woods) boosting his international appeal. It had been reported that the studio was aiming for a spin-off focusing on the Huntsman which likely will be the case as Snow White doesn't really have a motive to continue into another film. Considering the sheer hate from audiences and critics alike I'd be hard-pressed to expect the studio make Kristen Stewart's Snow White a main character in the sequel.

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