June 10, 2012


SPOILER ALERT This entire post includes massive spoilers from Prometheus and other Alien films. If you havent watched any of these films skip over this article. The film asks more questions than it answers and a lot of people have been disappointed by this but the film was always envisioned as a two-part story. SPOILER ALERT

CREW: You've been given plenty of warnings so I'll jump right into it. Shaw and David are only survivors of the Prometheus crew and on their way to the Engineers/Space Jockey planet (in an alien ship piloted by Dave). We now know that the Space Jockey's planet is going to be massive part of the sequel. Shaw wants know why the Engineers created humans only to want to wipe them out (with the black goo which is a bio-weapon). The real question is if there was disaster on this military instillation planet why didn't the rest of the Engineers move forward with wiping out Earth. I would assume that either the Engineers have died off on their homeworld in a similar fashion because of the black ooze or they regret the mission. It's possible that they're

ENGINEERS: The carbon dated dead Engineer had been lying around for over 2,000 years. At that point in human history the large event was the crucifixion of Christ. Rumblings online have speculated that Jesus was an Engineer sent to calm down a warring human popular with messages of love and peace. This ended up with a brutal/violent death for this messenger and angered the "gods". One of the murals in the cave is a xenomorph like creature in a crucified pose. There are correlations that Weyland is essentially a modern Roman Empire looking to conquer the universe and setting up colonies.

It's quite possible the Engineers understand that humans will eventually discover space travel and could be a massive threat to the universe including them. Our bloodlust instinct would rather have us destroy than build, with the Engineers are our creators seeing us a failure. That being said the one in this film is all about killing and completing the mission he had originally been tasked to carry out. We have no idea if they'll be peaceful once Shaw makes it to their planet.

 Self-sacrifice has always been a theme of the franchise not to mention religion. Mainly, Ripley somewhat becoming a Jesus-like figure in the latter films. In Alien 3 we see Ripley as a Mother Mary/Jesus figure as she carries a Queen and kills herself to save innocent lives which is pretty much human redemption from our past evils. Of course Rips would end up getting her own resurrection in Alien 4 only to find out she's human/alien clone hybrid (pretty much superhuman). They might want to explore Jesus in an intro similar to the beginning of Prometheus or that aspect being explained by the Engineers themselves.

XENOMORPHS: We never really find out what wiped out the Engineers but we do get a tease of what the DNA ooze can do. However, we do somewhat get an idea where the xenomorph's origin comes from. Holloway ingests the goo without his knowledge then has sex with Shaw. The barren doctor ends up with alien-like fetus which see pulls out of her body on her own. It's a squid-like alien creature that ends up growing a massive amount (like the xenomorph chestburster to warrior/drone) grabbing the Engineer acting like a giant-squid version of the facehugger. The Jockey acting as the host leads to a xeno-like creature bursting out of him. This very well could be the first Alien Queen.

A couple of things give me the impression more will happen on the planet before LV-223 is re-classified as LV-426 in Alien. Leading to the Nostromo setting down in 2127, thirty years after the events of Prometheus. The dead Space Jockey (killed by a chestburster) and egg room with some sort of laser barrier (Engineer tech to keep the eggs from hatching?) aren't fully explained yet. It's possible the Alien Queen sets up shop in the now derelict ship while Shaw and David are trying to answer their questions. In Alien, someone (new character, Shaw?) is in the Space Jockey suit likely to get oxygen only to have a xenomorph burst out of their chest. There is air in the crashed ship but in Alien they needed suits to breathe. I assume that the terraforming tech is damaged or stolen during the next film. Maybe it's the only piece of technology Weyland is allowed to take from the planet as it's the means of life not death.

WEYLAND WEAPONS DIVISION: After the events of Prometheus, Weyland would likely want answers why the crew hasn't returned if Peter Weyland and next in-line Vickers are among the lost crew. Knowing aliens are involved in their mission could bring a large military force to the planet along with another group of genetic scientists in-case of first contact and alien-contagions. I wouldn't be surprised to see Weyland makeshift a weapons program on the planet only for it to go wrong. Prometheus took elements from AVP and made them more interesting/cinematic. I could see a sequel re-working the themes from Alien Resurrection (military operation) to fit better into this universe.

One steady theme within the entire Alien franchise is that the company has seemingly known about the alien's existence previous to the events of Alien. Ash receiving orders the alien is extremely valuable and the crew of the Nostromo is expendable. Like David, Ash could have allowed events to take place as a science experiment for the company. Allowing Kane on board (which could have killed the whole crew) and trying to smother Ripley when his orders are discovered. My theory is that Weyland once got their hands on it and it was somehow lost to them. Perhaps, David erased all information from the Weyland databases making the planet LV-223 full of bio-weapon gold lost to them. Until they start colonizing it as LV-426.

There are plenty of science fiction avenues they could explore within this new franchise. However, fans  of the franchise want to see the classic xenomorph back in action. This might really be our only chance before they move into different aspects with Shaw as the new Ripley.

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