June 14, 2012

Joe Cornish To Direct Cyberpunk Thriller 'SNOW CRASH'

Joe Cornish has lined up his next film which will be a cyberpunk thriller based on the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Cornish has had an interesting bit of success with his first film Attack The Block becoming a big hit among genre fans. He also helped write the Tintin script with his Ant-Man co-writer Edgar Wright. Joe had been in the mix to replace Hunger Games director Gary Ross for it's sequel Catching Fire.

Set in the near future, when the U.S. exists as a patchwork of corporate-franchise city-states, and private enterprise and the mafia control everything. The plot involves a computer virus that is manifested as a drug called Snow Crash that is transmitted visually from computer screens to unsuspecting users, frying their brains. Hiro Protagonist – that’s the character’s name – a computer hacker/samurai swordsman/pizza delivery driver who investigates and tries to stop the takeover of postmodern civilization.

 SOURCE: Deadline

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