June 5, 2012

Kitty Pryde And Sentinels In The 'X-MEN FIRST CLASS' Sequel?

AICN (via ThePlaylist) has learned that 20th Century Fox registered Days of Future Past with the MPAA. This doesn't seem like a big deal until you discover it's attributed to one of the most well-known X-Men storylines. We know for sure this won't be used for Japanese set The Wolverine, so it only leads to X-Men First Class 2. Chris Claremont's story takes place between present time and a possible future where all mutants are hunted/killed like animals. The biggest revelation here is that the sequel could involve Kitty Pride (Shadowcat), the infamous Sentinels and even see the return of Wolverine. It would be interesting to see two different X-Men teams from different eras in a single film.

One of my little birds Weapon X recently dropped me some information that 20th Century Fox had recently registered the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. The Bureau exists for studios and productions companies to stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute, so that others can stray from using a similar title.

The Sentinels had been teased in X3 in the danger room scene but ultimately have never been used as the main villains. You might remember that The Wolverine is taking it's influence from the classic Japanese saga written by Claremont and Frank Miller. It wouldn't be a stretch for Fox to mine the other important Chris Claremont comics for more movie goodies. We've also seen glimpses of these alternative futures in First Class when Sebastian Shaw planned to wipe the humans in a global nuclear war for the rise of the Children of The Atom (mutants).

Writer/director Matthew Vaughn has previously stated he wants to include an assassination attempt by Magneto on the life of President Kennedy. Perhaps, the X-Men foiling this act could cause the Sentinels to be created sparking the mutant holocaust which Magneto and Charles have been fearing their whole lives. It will be interesting to see what direction Matthew and the studio will ultimately go. As it's going to hard to sell a story that has the anti-hero killing a non-fictional President on screen. This would also be a way to transform Raven (Mystique) and Magneto full-fledged X-Men villains.

The storyline alternates between present day, in which the X-Men fight Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and a future timeline caused by the X-Men's failure to prevent the Brotherhood from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. In this future universe, Sentinels rule the United States, and mutants live in internment camps. The present-day X-Men are forewarned of the possible future by a future version of their teammate Kitty Pryde, whose mind traveled back in time and possessed her younger self to warn the X-Men. She succeeds in her mission and returns to the future, but despite her success, the future timeline still exists as an alternative timeline rather than as the actual future. (The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 gave the numerical designation of "Days of Future Past" Earth as Earth-811).

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