October 21, 2011

Bradley Cooper Front-Runner For Soderbergh's Man From UNCLE

ShowBlitz reports Bradley Cooper (Limitless, Hangover) is now Steven Soderbergh's choice to play Napoleon Solo in The Man From Uncle. It's a big change from previous wanted names for the role like George Clooney who dropped out along with hopefuls Matt Damon, Johnny Depp and Michael Fassbender. It was previously mentioned was that Warner Bros. was keen on bringing in Ryan Gosling for the role of Russian Agent Illya Kuryakin. While Soderbergh wanted up and coming Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman (Dragon Tattoo, Snabba Cash 1-3, Safe House, Killing, Darkest Hour) for the part of Illya. I think since they're hoping to go with Cooper, Gosling seems a better bet as both actors have a rather decent sized following.

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