October 1, 2011

REVIEW: 50/50

50/50, tells the story of Adam (Levitt) who is a young man in the prime of his life and discovers he has cancer. His best friend Kyle (Rogen) helps him through this tough time while he also seeks comfort from an even younger therapist (Kendrick). This is actually based on Seth Rogen's friend Will who was a co-worker/friend when Seth worked as a writer on The Ali G Show. Will was brave enough to put his story to pen writing the film's screenplay. It's an intense journey and was well worth the wait.

I went into this film expecting a little more humor but considering the serious subject matter it didn't really matter. Joseph Gordon Levitt knocked it out of the park I'd be shocked if he didn't get some awards consideration. James McAvoy must be kicking himself knowing that he walked away from the role. Anna Kendrick plays a character a little more sexier than previous roles which was nice to see. Kendrick is a great actress but has down played her looks in films like Rocket Science and Up In The Air. She does play realistic female roles adding her own personality and here is no exception. Giving enough frailty and humanity to a usually two dimensional part. Rogen was his humorous-self giving the film the comic relief it needed and the right amount. In a surprising turn, Angelina Huston (Adam's mother) was able to steal a few scenes of her own. Director Jonathan Levine has made a great drama/comedy with cancer being the main plot point. A lot of people are going to be scared off by the premise alone but it was one of the better films I've seen during the year. It's worth seeing but understand it's not a straight up comedy, there are lots of euphoric and serious moments but are laughs mixed in as well.


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