October 13, 2011

Major Updates On Die Hard 5!

Die Hard 5 is quickly coming together with the official title of A Good Day To Die Hard and the release date of February 14th 2013. John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) will be directing with Bruce Willis coming back for one more ride as the iconic John McClane. The fifth film follows McClane as he travels to Russia to get his son out of jail, but accidentally uncovers a terrorist plot.

Variety reports a shortlist of actors who will test for the role of McClane's son. The list includes Ben Foster (Messenger, Rampart, Mechanic), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Milo Ventimiglia (Pathology, Gamer) and Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Cowboys & Aliens). Paul Walker is also a studio hopeful but will not be testing. There is talk that this actor will carry on the Die Hard franchise similar to how Jeremy Renner is replacing Tom Cruise for future Mission Impossible films. Knowing that this actor could keep the franchise going I'd prefer Ben Foster getting the job since he's able to handle drama and mindless action. Yet, I wouldn't count out Milo and Aaron who are both interesting enough to keep up with Willis.

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