October 16, 2011

Warner Bros. To Decide On The Fate Of Akira Soon

ShowBlitz reports that the studio is going to be making to decision to greenlight their Akira adaptation or not. The project has had a long history of problems loosing two of it's directors and testing many actors but nothing came from it. Names like Michael Fassbender (First Class, Prometheus, 300), James McAvoy (First Class, Wanted), Andrew Garfield (Amazing Spider-Man, Social Network), Keanu Reeves (Matrix Trilogy, Point Break, Speed), Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy), Chris Pine (Star Trek 1-2, This Means War), Justin Timberlake (Social Network) and Joaquin Phoenix have been linked for testing.

Fans had been angry over the whitewash casting along with moving the location from Tokyo to Manhattan. It's budget was also too large likely since the whole movie is a gamble at this point. The studio wouldn't want to spend too much money if the fanbase isn't there. Last summer they gambled with high-concept Green Lantern which turned out to be a critical and financial blunder.

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