October 16, 2011

Christopher McQuarrie To Direct Rubicon Based On Seven Samurai

Deadline reports that screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie is setting up a deal for his third directorial effort Rubicon. The project is based on his graphic novel which is largely inspired by Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Instead of samurais and bandits the heroes are Navy SEALS while the villains are the Taliban.

McQuarrie is no stranger to this type of genre he won an Oscar for his work on The Usual Suspects and did a decent writing job on Valkyrie. He's currently shooting his second film One Shot with Tom Cruise in the lead. Also writing scripts for Jack The Giant Killer, The Wolverine and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. While I'm on board for his writing abilites and this project's concept. I'll have to see One Shot before getting my hopes up since his first film had major pacing issues.

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