October 12, 2011

Prometheus' Noomi Rapace Reveals Elizabeth Shaw's Backstory

While talking to MovieWeb, Noomi Rapace revealed some non-spoiler details about her character in Prometheus. Elizabeth Shaw is expected to be the central character which may or may not be similar to Ripley. Rapace gives some insight into the backstory of Shaw that ultimately gives us more depth than any previous character in the Alien franchise.

"I play Elizabeth Shaw, researcher and archaeologist. She's British but was raised in Africa because her father was a missionary. From him she learned to believe in God, and she has a strong inner self. She is the most complete person I have ever played. She has an inner light. She's very stubborn and determined. She lost her parents when she was a child, so she's been alone from a young age. But she's very intelligent. I know that when one has to survive alone from an early age, one becomes strong. But also fragile, because the hurt child within her hasn't been able to evolve in a natural way. You get easily hurt emotionally. She's full of hope, a dreamer, a little naive. Halfway through the movie a lot of things happen and she turns into a fighter. Another part of her comes to life."

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof recently confirmed that Vickers (Charlize Theron) would be in charge of the company that is funding the mission which is a change up from the familiar company stooge. He also stated David (Michael Fassbender) is indeed an android. During Comic-Con Ridley Scott confirmed the film would have at least two androids in the movie if not more, David now being one of them. There has been talk that Prometheus could be told from the point of view of androids.

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