October 9, 2011

Tom Cruise In Talks For All You Need Is Kill?

HollywoodReporter states that director Doug Liman (Bourne Identity) is now in talks with Tom Cruise for the lead in the adaptation of All You Need Is Kill for Warner Bros. Now apparently given the new terrible title We Mortals Are which I assume will get yet another title change soon. Originally when Doug Liman was hired, Ryan Gosling had been mentioned as a choice for the lead. Gosling would eventually pass and end up with Logan's Run another Warner Bros. sci-fi project with director Nicolas Winding Refn. Not too long ago Brad Pitt had been mentioned and seemed likely as Liman worked with him on Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Cruise is grinding out a number of action films likely to make hay while he can still do them. He's also doing Joseph Kosinski's (Tron Legacy) Horizons (Oblivion) starring alongside Jessica Chastain which is another massive science fiction action film. I'm not sure how interesting this manga adaptation will be considering how Warner Bros. has handled Akira another project that has had casting issues and is currently in limbo.

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