October 11, 2011

Director Nacho Vigalondo Talks Mark Millar's Supercrooks

Crave was able to talk to Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes) about his adaptation of Mark Millar's Supercrooks. He gives some insight to how the film will look like compared to other comic book movies. Stating like the Godfather, it would be from the point of view from the villains with the super heroes as background players. It sounds like there could be a power struggle among the villains which could make for an interesting concept. Nacho also mentions there is already a script in place.  

"I’m involved in Supercrooks and Windows. Those are my next projects and it really depends on them what comes first. Those are two projects are in a really advanced situation. I didn’t write them. The scripts are already made so I hope they happen. Supercrooks is not a superhero film. It’s a supervillain film. Mark Millar explained to me that when you watch The Godfather, it’s about criminals all the time. You don’t get to see the cops in those films. It’s always about the mafia. In this case it’s the same. We’re going to show only supervillains and not superheroes. Superheroes are in the background."

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