April 20, 2011

Kate Beckinsale Offered Lori Role In Len Wiseman's Total Recall

Deadline reports that an offer has gone out to Kate  Beckinsale for the Lori role in Len Wiseman's (Die Hard 4) Total Recall remake. Beckinsale and Wiseman are married working previous together on the first two Underworld films. They also name Rosario Dawson (Sin City) and Eva Mendes (Once Upon A Time In Mexico) as serious contenders for the role of Melina. Currently the only two cast actors are Colin Farrell and Bryan Cranston.

Curiously enough Jessica Biel's name has disappeared from this new update. Biel had been previously linked as a frontrunner. I'm sure it could still be the case she's in the mix for Melina as she read for both parts. I'd have to take Eva over Rosario just because I haven't seen a good performance from Dawson in years. I think Beckinsale is a good fit for the Lori role and it doesn't hurt she has a strong working relationship with Len. She is also finishing up production on Underworld: New Dawn, so Kate's going to be in fight mode when she steps on the set.

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