April 10, 2011

Anthony Horowitz Working On Tintin Sequel

Author Anthony Horowitz has announced he will be writing the script for the yet untitled Tintin sequel. Horowitz admits he expects he won't be the only writer working on the script. He also confirmed that the film would use elements from the books The Prisoners of The Sun and The Seven Crystal Balls. Previously Stephen Moffat (Coupling, Doctor Who) penned The Secret of The Unicorn then Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish also came in to work on it. I assume Cornish and Wright will return for writing duties. Currently Peter Jackson who is expected to direct the second Tintin film is working on the two Hobbit films which will likely tie him up until 2014. It's possible Jackson could allow another director or bring back Steven Spielberg to make the sequel then direct the third and final film.

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