April 10, 2011


Joe Wright's Hanna focuses on a young girl named Hanna raised in the forest by her father. Training her mind and body for combat her whole life she is pushed into the dangerous world of espionage. Highly capable, she tries to piece together her past while integrating into a world she's never known. At the same time a C.I.A. agent goes on a rouge mission to kill both Hanna and her father.

Hanna is an amazing film with it's stunning visuals, action and mind blowing score by The Chemical Brothers. For a PG-13 film it's got a lot of action and carefully placed violence. It's a great action thriller and seems completely fresh in a few ways. One of the greatest standout performances wasn't from the main cast but from young actress Jessica Barden who plays Hanna's friend Sophie. Wright has talent for discovering young actresses so I expect bigger things for Barden soon. I enjoyed the rest of the cast as well but the movie had some issues with the final act which didn't seem as thrilling as the first two. I wouldn't recommend running out to see Hanna but it's worth checking out.


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