April 22, 2011

Blake Lively, Uma Thurman & John Travolta Confirmed For Savages

Deadline reports that Blake Lively (The Town, Green Lantern) has officially joined Oliver Stone's Savages. They also confirm that Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) and John Travolta have also been cast. They join an already impressive group that includes Aaron Johnson (Nowhere Boy, Kick-Ass), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter of Mars), Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek. 

It would seem that Lively has chosen Savages over the Glinda role in Sam Raimi's Oz, The Great & Powerful. I have high expectations for this new Oliver Stone film as he hasn't been able to make compelling film that I've enjoyed since Any Given Sunday (1999). The subject matter could be the key element to Stone returning to his Scarface roots.

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