April 20, 2011

CAST EM'!: Albert Hughes' Akira

With the recent online campaign calling out Warner Bros. for whitewashing casting of Akira. I've decided to choose two solid Japanese actors that could be cast in the two main lead roles of Kaneda and Tetsuo. As I call bullshit on the studio for not being able to be faithful to the original source material.

There are plenty of amazing Japanese actors that have been involved with films like Battle Royale, 13 Assassins and Outrage that could be perfect for this genre epic.

Ryō Kase as Tetsuo:  If Warner Bros. truly wanted Joesph Gordon-Levitt for the Tetsuo role, Kase is who they should be looking at. He's the Japanese JGL and has been involved with Eastwood's Iwo Jima. Also the amazing Yakuza epic Outrage which he is a major standout. Throwing out a few flawless lines in English I might add. He would bring the perfect balance of good and evil needed for the role. (Outrage, Letters From Iwo Jima) 

Yûsuke Iseya as Kaneda: Yûsuke is more of an action star doing some impressive stunts in 13 Assassins and Sukiyaki Western seemingly perfect for the heroic role of Kaneda. (13 Assassins, Sukiyaki Western)

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