April 17, 2011

REVIEW: Scream 4

The fourth installment of the Scream franchise brings back all the usual players and does something horror sequels rarely can do being as good as the original. While the opening scene is predicable most of the film isn't. As with the other films you start to suspect everyone and you're kept on edge for a majority of the film. Being a fan of the original films I was very skeptical they could bring back the same flare of the first one  but they actually made a solid horror film. The kills aren't very inventive but they seemed more realistic than what we've seen in recent slasher flicks. It's worth checking out while in theaters and I might actually pick up a Scream box set when Scream 4 arrives on DVD.

The stand out performance isn't Emma Roberts as most might suspect but rather Hayden Panettiere. To be honest I've never been a fan of Hayden but I actually had moments of swooning when she was on screen. After seeing her in this I wish she'd take up more badass roles. Here's hoping she sticks with films and avoids terrible television shows. There has been talk of sequels and I can see why they would want to continue the franchise. Mainly because this has been the first watchable Wes Craven film since Scream 3. I'd be up for another one or two Screams if they push the boundaries a little more and keep the celebrity cameos to a minimum next time.


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