April 8, 2011

Jessica Biel Frontrunner For Role In Total Recall Remake

Variety reports Jessica Biel is circling one of the two female leads in Len Wiseman's (Underworld 1-2, Die Hard 4) Total Recall. Biel had been linked to testing for the Melina role but is now also up for the role of Lori and it's unknown which one she's being considered for. Biel would be an excellent addition to the cast as she's one of the more believable physical actresses working in Hollywood at the moment. So when she's firing a weapon or doing fight scenes it doesn't look odd or out of her nature. Sony is starting up production soon in Toronto sharing the same studio as Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

Another interesting tidbit is that Variety included a new addition to the film's synopsis. It's the first time there has ever been a mentioning of the film being set on Mars. I'm not sure if they're just rehashing the original's plot or this is an official one. If it's true I'll be warming up a lot more to this remake. Total Recall is currently set for an August 3rd 2012 release date with Colin Farrell as Dough and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as the film's villain.

"The film follows Douglas Quaid, a man who believes he is a secret agent and ends up on a Martian colony where he fights to overthrow a ruler controlling the production of air."

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