April 9, 2011

REVIEW: Elite Squad 2

A continuation of the first film we follow Lt. Colonel Nascimento and BOPE as it's power is expanded. While the drug dealers are eventually subdued by the police presence new threats become apparent. Society, a group of corrupt cops and government officials work together to create their own criminal empire. This new group does everything it can to stop itself from being exposed not excluding murders. When Nascimento discovers their secret his family is put into the crossfire.

Elite Squad 2 is mature and feels like a film in a different genre than the first film. It speaks high volumes for director José Padilha who is now set to direct the Robocop remake which originally had Darren Aronofsky attached. This sequel ramps up the drama, action and tone giving us a better film overall. While it's not as epic as say City of God, it delivers enough to keep anyone invested in the characters. My only issue is that there were some minor plot holes when concerning Society but besides that the film was decent. The film also leaves itself open for third sequel but it's unknown when that will be happening.


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