April 9, 2011

Who Is Tim Miller & Why Should We Care He's Directing Deadpool?

It was just announced that visual effects specialist Tim Miller would be directing his first film with 20th Century Fox's Deadpool. Most people seemed to be shocked a first time director would be handling a film linked to the X-Men franchise. Well I've discovered a little something on Mr. Miller that fans of Deadpool might be interested in.

First, Tim has worked on some seriously fine looking comic book films which includes Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, X-Men and X-Men 2. Helping with the impressive visual effects that made some of these the stylish comic book films ever put on screen. He also worked on Daredevil while the costumes and acting was terrible the effects were solid as a rock.

Miller would also be a important part of Blur Studio an up and coming effects house which has been known for some impressive video game cinematics (Mass Effect 2, Halo, X-Men Legends 2, DC Universe, The Force Unleashed 2, Old Republic). If you've enjoyed a video game cinematic in the last five years they are likely the ones behind it. They've also worked on films like Avatar and the David Fincher produced animated film The Goon. They are also involved with Fincher's massive Heavy Metal project which is still in development with shorts being directed by James Cameron, Zack Snyder and Fincher as well. Having Blur Studio working on Deadpool's effects could be nothing but a positive in my opinion.

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