April 16, 2011

CAST EM'!: Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

With the second draft of Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright's script for Ant-Man complete I figured I go over some updated casting ideas for the Marvel Studios film. I've come up with a list of my favorites for the roles of Hank and Janet.

Previously we've seen actors like Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Adrien Brody rumored for the role of Hank. Along with online campaigns for Neil Patrick Harris and Simon Pegg. Pegg suggesting he'd rather play the film's villain rather than Ant-Man himself. I like some of the names being mentioned but I have my own ideas as well.


Joel Edgerton: Joel is similar to Tom Hardy and Jeremy Renner as he's slowly building up a decent resume of badass roles. He seems like the gruff type of Hank that you could seriously and be threatened by. Depending on how their take on Pym if they want to get a future action star for the part Joel could be their man. (The Thing, Animal Kingdom, King Aurthur, Smokin' Aces, Star Wars: Episode II & III)


Jamie Bell: Jamie is an excellent young actor. I've been fascinated with his career as he's been able to go from child actor to slowly developing into an action star. Being the only solid thing about Jumpers and also being able to hold his own in Defiance alongside Daniel Craig. Bell was also involved with the Spider-Man talks so it's likely he's open to a comic book role. If I had to choose a favorite it would be Bell. Not to mention he's already had plenty of motion capture experience with Tintin which could be an asset. It's expected Ant-Man will be mostly motion capture. (King Kong, Tintin, The Eagle, Defiance, Flags of Our Fathers, Hallam Foe)


Mila Kunis: Mila is best known for her television work but has become known for her adaptability taking on many different types of films. She's able to play almost any sort of role dramatic, action, comedic or otherwise. She had been linked for the Lois Lane role with many other actresses but seemed at the time the best choice. As Janet is characterized as a petite woman Kunis' stature fits that aspect along with her bubbling personality which Janet is known for. (Oz, Book of Eli, Sarah Marshall, Black Swan)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Winstead on the other hand has more action film roots as a majority of her films have tended to go in that direction. She also has been rumored/linked to being involved with talks for Superman, Spider-Man and The Avengers. It seems she wants to do a comic book film and is on the radar of Marvel Studios as MEW was a possible candidate for Maria Hill. (Death Proof, Die Hard 4, Scott Pilgrim, The Thing, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)


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