September 23, 2014

RUMOR: Quentin Tarantino Wants Viggo Mortensen For A Role In THE HATEFUL EIGHT

Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight won't be shooting until this winter, but the casting rumors are already flying around. NewYorkDailyNews (via ThePlaylist) is reporting on pretty damn cool rumor, that Quentin Tarantino has met with actor Viggo Mortensen about playing a "ruthless gang leader". However, their source is a hotel guest and doesn't seem like the most reliable intel. That said, Viggo working with Tarantino doesn't seem that out of place. Mortensen gravitates towards more passionate filmmakers, and Quentin has a lot of that.

Previously over the summer, Jennifer Lawrence was being courted for a leading role. It seems like Tarantino's script rewrites have expanded the original roles. Possibly allowing for some serious stunt-casting, which could help draw-in audiences. The way having Leonardo DiCaprio playing the main villain in Django Unchained, helped make that film becoming Tarantino's biggest earners to date.

Having both Jennifer and Viggo on board, could get the attention of a audience members. I'm not entirely sure the massive Hunger Games following are massive fans of Tarantino's work. It could be a  great way to tap-into a huge group of female viewers, who usually don't pay to see his films. The film shoots this winter, and will be released sometime in December, 2015.


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