September 3, 2014

Robert Downey Jr Weighs-In On BLACK WIDOW, HAWKEYE And HULK Movies

Robert Downey Jr. is in a cool position, as he's signed-on to reprise the role of Tony Stark one more time in Avengers 3. The third installment isn't due until 2018-2019. Meaning, the elder statesman of the Marvel cinematic universe isn't going anywhere for some time. Allowing him to be outspoken about Marvel chatter concerning rumors and future projects. Speaking to USAToday, Robert did just that addressing Marvel's delay in announcing a Black Widow spin-off film.

The delay has sparked a bit of criticism, not having a female superhero officially announced as part of Marvel's future releases. Even more so, in the wake of the female Spider-Man spin-off at Sony and unofficially Warner Bros. solo Wonder Woman movie. Robert simply states the obvious and rational question, "doesn't Scarlett deserve a break?"

“Look, I think that the interesting thing particularly after [Guardians of the Galaxy] with Zoe [Saldana], even from the first Iron Man where Pepper was kind of this really – to me the Iron Man franchise would never have taken off without [Gwyneth] Paltrow. There’s something about her that grounded the story. She’s not your typical lady in a superhero movie, and then by Iron Man 3 she’s swallowing serums and putting on suits and kicking [butt] and all that stuff. It would be kind of more appropriate for a character that already was like a Black Widow [to lead a movie]. It just seems like whatever Scarlett does people want to go see it.” 

He makes some valid-points. Scarlett has played Black Widow in four movies, and could be expected to be apart of future projects. We all understand the demand for her own solo adventure. But it's really up to her when she wants to go back to making films, as a new mother. I think we can all respect that, even if it might delay production on a solo outing for a couple of years.

Oddly enough, Robert continues the discussion by pondering solo movies for both Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). The latter we've been hearing for sometime development on a new Hulk film, going back to 2012. Indestructible Hulk and Planet Hulk story theories have been circling for a couple of years. Ruffalo and Joss Whedon teased in Avengers press tour, that two could work together on developing a new film (Whedon possibly writing the script).

“The funny thing is honestly at this point everyone deserves a franchise. I think Jeremy Renner is — when folks see the Avengers: Age of Ultron he’s just a rockstar, a badass. And Ruffalo is pumped. He does great (work). I’d like to hear them talk even more seriously about a Hulk franchise, because that’s been one of the toughest ones to get right. But I’m sure that my parent company is feeling expansive and and bold after the summer they’ve had.”

Again, we hear from RDJ how impressive Jeremy's role in Avengers: Age of Ultron will be, hyping-up the character even more. It's possible Clint Barton could have an equally strong role in Captain America 3 as well. Originally, filmmakers wanted and wrote Barton into The Winter Soldier. Renner had to decline due to other projects. I've been under the impression that Renner could lead a West Coast Avengers film. That's if Marvel indeed plans on splinting the main group into two teams. Which is already rumored for Age of Ultron, leading up to the events of Civil War. Finally, giving Hawkeye more of a main character role than previous movies.


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