September 22, 2014

Michael K. Williams Campaigning To Play Marvel's BLACK PANTHER

We know that for years now Marvel Studios has been trying to get a Black Panther movie into theatres. It was the runner-up to land this August's release date, but lost to James Gunn's Guardians of The Galaxy. The current status of the project hasn't been made known to the public. However, Kevin Feige made it clear this summer at Comic-Con, that both Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies are in active development. Stating the strong fan demand for the films hasn't gone unnoticed.

There had been talk that Chadwick Boseman was the front-runner for the role of T'Challa. Nothing has been made official, and we would normally get a press release if a deal was done. Another actor has placed his name into the race, and that would be Michael K. Williams. Best known for his iconic role as Omar from HBO's The Wire, and his prohibition gangster Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire. Not to mention a huge list of supporting roles in films like Gone Baby Gone, The Road, Brooklyn's Finest, and . He was doing an interview with CinemaBlend about his upcoming release Kill The Messenger (co-starring with Jeremy Renner), which led to talk about Black Panther. Here is what Michael said to the site.

"No not yet. And I'm saying 'yet' with a lot of emphasis. But hopefully I'm looking forward to being apart of the franchise"

"Black Panther. Yeah, definitely.

"It would depend on the script. I would definitely bring that quintessential New York City edge. You know, just a little bit of that grit."

The only problem if any, would be that Williams has already appeared in a Marvel film. He had a short cameo in The Incredible Hulk, during the NYC fight scenes (I believe in Harlem). There was speculation at the time that Michael was playing Luke Cage in the scene, it was never really confirmed. Seeing how he's talking about another Marvel character and the Netflix series is on it's way, it's unlikely he was playing anyone but a bystander.


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