September 19, 2014

Director David Ayer Might Tackle SUICIDE SQUAD For Warner Bros

Variety reports that Warner Bros. might be pulling-out an old DC project out of development limbo. They say that the studio is in early talks with writer-director David Ayer to helm Suicide Squad. A group of DC villains who are thrown into a government program, that places them in suicide missions. In return, the villains will be redeemed and their prison sentences reduced. The project has been kicking around for ages, and it's about time Warner Bros. put it into production.

Ayer is best known for scripting Training Day along with The Fast And The Furious and S.W.A.T., Since then, he's made a name for himself as an action director. Making cop thrillers such as End of Watch, Sabotage and Street Kings. His most recent film is the WWII-tank action flick Fury starring Brad Pitt. We really have no idea where the film is development-wise, but there was a script penned by Justin Marks. Considering Ayer's reputable screenwriting abilities, I'm sure he would be asked to handle rewrites as well. David would bring the gritty edge needed for this type of budding action franchise, and could actually give fans on hell of a DC movie. Let's just hope these talks go well.

The lineup of the Suicide Squad (headed-up by Amanda Weller) changed a lot over the years so it would be hard to pin-point which villains will be the focus. Some of the members include prime candidate Deadshot (rumored for solo film as well), Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, Nightshade and more recently Harely Quinn joined the ranks. Quinn is an interesting character as her origins stem from the Batman animated series and not the comics. Warner Bros. put out a recent animated film titled Batman: Assault On Arkham, which featured the team. A majority of the group already exists on the CW series Arrow.

I'm actually in-love with the property and believe this movie is such a better venture than Shazam!, or a couple other DC films in the works.


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