September 2, 2014

James Gunn Promises More Ladies Will Appear In GUARDIANS 2, But Don't Expect Carol Danvers

During DragonCon2014, Collider was able to get some new information concerning the Guardians of The Galaxy sequel, which is coming July 2017. Writer-director James Gunn spoke to the crowd and answered their questions. It was put to him if Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel would be joining the team. Sadly, Gunn said that Quill would be the only Earthling that the films would focus on. Going-on to reveal that he's indeed including more cosmic ladies in the sequel, just not Danvers.

While he agreed that more than likely, Carol Danvers would appear sooner rather than later in the Marvel movies, there were plenty of other women in the comic book roster of the Guardians of the Galaxy and he was more than excited to begin introducing them into future films. The plan, according to Gunn, is to introduce new female characters into the world of Guardians as soon as he could. 

Luckily, Marvel has access to a bevy of female cosmic characters that have connections to The Guardians. Modern members include Mantis (former Avengers villain), half-Kree heroine Phylla Vell (daughter of Mar Vell/Captain Marvel, taking-up hero personas Captain Marvel, Nova and Quasar) and telepath Moondragon/Heather Douglas (daughter of Drax and lover of Phylla Vell). We could also see characters like cosmic royal Medusa (Inhuman member) and Asgardian bounty-hunter/assassin Angela (daughter of Odin and sister to Thor).

I'm still curious where the Starjammers movie rights land, considering only one of the characters (Corsair being the father of Scott Summers) is connected to the X-Men team. While the rest of the team of space-pirates are aliens not mutants, and likely aren't apart of the original Fox-deal. We've seen Marvel Studios share film rights to certain characters with Fox (such as Skrulls, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver). So, it's extremely possible that Marvel could have access to the X-Men cosmic universe, and their alien species/characters. Hepzibah, would be a favorite non-canon character to add to the films. Mainly, because she's a blue half animal/half humanoid space pirate, and fits the Guardians-mold.

Two of the original Guardians lineup were female. One named Nikki Gold, a human born on a futuristic colony on Mercury. The second being alien Aleta Ogord (Starhawk), from the planet of Arcturus. Aleta evokes the power of the Hawk-God, becoming Guardians member Starhawk.

All three of these characters would have extremely excellent visual design-work for their looks/costumes, not to mention could easily be placed within The Nova Corps, Yondu's Ravagers, Guardians or apart of the inhabitance of Knowhere (where the team sets-up their base of operations).

Let's also not forget that Thanos has other female minions, besides Nebula. If Thanos is the main villain of the sequel, including The Black Order would be a logical next-step. That would mean villains such as Proxima Midnight and Supergiant might make appearances. Nebula does mention other sisters, could these two be among them?


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