September 11, 2014

Sony Ever Making DRAGON TATTOO Sequel GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE? David Fincher Thinks So!

ThePlaylist has caught-wind of a foreign interview David Fincher did. According to Fincher (via Google translate), the Dragon Tattoo franchise might be back in-play. He says that the current script for The Girl Who Played With Fire is in good shape and is very different from the book. I'm sure a lot of complaints from Dragon Tattoo was that it was so similar to the original Swedish film. Although, in my opinion Fincher's film felt and looked like a stronger cinematic experience.

Fincher also mentions the fact Sony has invested a lot of money in the franchise's development and obtaining the rights. Since there are two more films to be expected, with Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig likely still obligated to be in them. They have a script from Se7en and 8mm writer Andrew Kevin Walker. Not making the film would be a waste of their time and resources.

We know that Fincher has problems with working with Sony, after a rough experience making the first installment. This led to David asking for a $10 million up-front fee to direct Sony's Steve Jobs bio-pic written by Social Network's Aaron Sorkin. However, we don't blame Sony looking elsewhere for new directors, but hopefully they can at least keep Fincher on as a consultant/producer.

Fincher's latest release Gone Girl sort of echos the stylistic somber tone of Dragon Tattoo, obviously the experience made an impact. He's also busy with two new shows for HBO and considering other film projects at the moment. I wouldn't be entirely shocked if Sony approached people like director Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Under The Skin) to move the franchise forward. However, I won't entirely shutdown the idea of Fincher returning, since he'd likely earn Sony more Oscar considerations. The first film earned five nominations, including Best Actress for Rooney Mara.

Daniel Craig has at least two more Bond installments, before he's expected to hang-up his martini glass. I imagine Sony would have to work around that as well, which wouldn't be hard since Sony now distributes the Bond films under a recent deal with MGM.


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