September 16, 2014

James D'Arcy Added To The Cast Of Marvel's AGENT CARTER As Original Jarvis

Variety reports that British actor James D'Arcy (Jupiter Ascending, Cloud Atlas, Survivor) has joined the cast of Marvel's Agent Carter. He'll be playing the role of Edwin Jarvis, butler to Howard Stark and ally to Peggy Carter. This would seemingly confirm that Howard is indeed going to be involved in the series, but we haven't heard if Dominic Cooper is reprising the role. However, Marvel has spent a lot of effort to setup the fact that Stark was an integral part of founding SHIELD.

This is just another hint to the level of talented casting Marvel is aiming for with the new series. In my opinion, a giant set-up from the original casting of Agents of SHIELD. Hiring legitimate and current film actors for key roles will only help keep to standards of the Marvel cinematic universe. The first episodes of Agent Carter will start airing on ABC during the mid-season hiatus for Agents of SHIELD.


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