September 16, 2014

Matt Damon And Paul Greengrass Will Return To Make Fourth BOURNE Installment

Universal is doubling-down on it's Bourne franchise. We've been hearing rumblings that Matt Damon could be returning to the Bourne role for a year or so. In 2013, Twitch originally reported talks between Matt and the studio to reprise the super-spy. His return is now being confirmed by Deadline. There had been chatter that Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon could share screen time in an installment, but that idea was never confirmed by the studio. LatinoReview scooped this story back in June being the reason for delays on Justin Lin's sequel, but met with nothing denials.

After the success of Bourne Ultimatum,  Matt and director Paul Greengrass tried to put together a fourth film. This pitch didn't go-over well at Universal, as they rejected it. The two went-off to make Iraq-War thriller Green Zone instead, and Greengrass earned some acclaim for Captain Philips. Universal, unfazed by this move put forward a reboot of sorts with Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross in Bourne Legacy. While the film was set within the same Bourne universe, it failed to make a huge impact with audiences. A sequel was still put into motion with Justin Lin (Fast and Furious, Fast Five) set to direct and a very busy Renner attached to star. The new report suggests that Renner's sequel might be put on-hold. Lin was recently linked for directing a couple of episodes of True Detective for HBO, this delay could allow him time to make that commitment.

The Bourne Legacy sequel which was being aimed for a July 16th, 2016 release date. However, it seems like the Damon flick will try to take that spot instead. There is some doubt when Renner's spin-off will shoot, as the project is still in development. Matt is about to begin production on the Ridley Scott science fiction film The Martian, so they'll have some time to get that script ready for production.


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