September 22, 2011

Michael K. Williams Could Join Django Unchained

There had been rumors that Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire) had been in the mix for the role of Django in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Micheal confirms this to Shadow&Act (via ThePlaylist) and has finally comments on the whole thing. He doesn't say it's a sure thing but Tarantino is trying to create a character for him so that he would appear in the film. Williams is best known for his legendary role of Omar on the Wire. He's been giving us interesting performances currently with Gone Baby Gone, Brooklyn's Finest, The Road and as Chalky White in HBO's Boardwalk Empire. Quentin is known for beefing up and or creating roles for actors so he can add them in his films.

"The rumors of me being considered for the lead role in ‘Django [Unchained]’ is very true. I was in meetings with Quentin, QT as I call him. It came down to Jamie and I,” Williams confirmed. “Wow… what a person to lose to. It’s not official yet but there’s a lot of talk that there may be a role coming back ‘round my way."

"Yes another role in the film. It’s not official yet but there’s a chance.  His people and my people have been in discussions in regards to a role that he is creating for me."

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