September 1, 2011

Casting For Ben Affleck's Argo Is Coming Together

I rarely find an actor that I prefer to see behind the camera but Ben Affleck's films Gone Baby Gone and The Town are masterpieces in my opinion. While I'm upset that Affleck isn't directing mobster period drama Gangster Squad which was offered to him. Argo however has an interesting concept and could end up surprising me as The Town did. Set in 1979, the film is about a covert mission orchestrated by the CIA to rescue U.S. diplomat hostages in Tehran. They did this by pretending to set up a Hollywood production for a sci-fi movie called Argo and actually employed producers and make-up artists to help make it all look real.

The film's cast is shaping up to be an odd mix of newcomers and vets. It includes Affleck, Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Drive), John Goodman (Big Lebowski), Kyle Chandler (Super8, King Kong), Rory Cochrane (Public Enemies, Dazed & Confused), Michael Parks (Kill Bill, Red State), Scoot McNairy (Monsters, Cogan's Trade), Taylor Schilling (Dark Matter), Tate Donovan (Friends, Shooter), Nelson Franklin (Office, Scott Pilgrim), Victor Garber (Milk) and Richard Kind (A Serious Man). 

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