September 12, 2011

Point Break Reboot On The Way

Alcon Entertainment the company who recently put together a Blade Runner sequel/prequel with Ridley Scott attached to direct is moving on another project. TheWrap reports that they are quickly putting together a Point Break reboot with Warner Bros. The iconic 90's actioner focused on a elite group of seasonal bank robbers who turn out to be a tribe of local surfers and an FBI agent goes undercover to take them down. It was directed by a young Kathryn Bigelow (Hurt Locker) and she knocked the action world on it's ass. Showing that even women can make solid adrenaline/testorone fueled action flicks.

This new version will update the original by replacing surfers with international extreme sports. I'm getting terrible chills of xXx memories with this plot point. There had been a sequel in the works but was nixed when Patrick Swayze died recently. Point Break has a special place in my heart as it was one of the early action films I saw growing up and it holds up pretty well today. Alcon is a decent company and I trust them with Blade Runner, so anything could happen at this point. Kurt Wimmer (Total Recall) has written the new script so it could be interesting depending on the director who takes it on. Since most of the material from Wimmer has been hit and miss.

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