September 30, 2011

Could Christopher Nolan Make Twilight Zone For Warner Bros. ?

ShowBlitz has word that Warner Bros. is trying to nail-down a director to helm their new Twilight Zone project. Unlike the original which featured four directors (Spielberg, John Landis, Joe Dante, George Miller) filming four separate segments honoring the series. This new version will have one director and a single story. The site says that they have interest from Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuarón (Children Of Men). David Yates (Deathly Hollows 1-2) had been interested but moved on, Rupert Wyatt (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes) is also in the mix.

I was a big fan of Twilight Zone (film/series) and Outer Limits so this project sort of speaks to me. Even without the involvement of Nolan and Cuarón I'd be interested to see how it would turn out. Nolan seems a good bet as he could really reinvent this quirky genre and possibility develop it into a new franchise. The only problem is that Christopher Nolan is a one picture director and is still busy The Dark Knight Rises and I doubt he commit to this until he's in post. Bay seems an uninspiring choice as I'd rather see him make Bad Boys 3 instead of ruining something that could be a thrilling ride with seizure inducing visuals. Cuarón is slowly becoming a darling at the studio making Prisoner Of Azkaban and Gravity with George Clooney/Sandra Bullock starring. Rupert Wyatt could be interesting as this isn't a 20th Century Fox strangle-hold project and he might be able to go a bit darker. Fox more than likely has Rupert locked in for an Apes trilogy and could be asked to return to make another film sooner than later.

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