September 27, 2011

Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine, First Class 2 & X-Men 4

Jackman still has a lot of love for Wolverine even though he's been playing him for ten plus years and soon to be five films. While talking to ThePlaylist he gives the impression he has a couple more films in him and wants to finally get the character right in The Wolverine. Unsurprisingly he states he doesn't believe we'll be seeing an X-Men 4 but doesn't count out showing up in X-Men First Class 2.

“I don’t see it. I can only see one movie ahead,” he said deflating hopes of a 4th “X-Men” film, despite talk in recent years by the producers of making one more. “I’m pretty sure I’m well into the second half of this match. I don’t know exactly when the end is, but I only go one at a time. If this is the last one, fingers crossed, man, I just hope we finally get that hole in one.” 

  So might Jackman pop up in a ‘First Class’ sequel? “If they come up with as good of an idea as last time,” Jackman says with a big smile, “Yeah, I could see it.”

I'm a bit skeptical about how the The Wolverine will turn out without Darren Aronofsky. It's odd that both Lauren Shuler Donner and Hugh Jackman producers on the last film have said they were unhappy with it's outcome. Odd since they made the creative decisions and allowed Fox executives to mettle with the production. I'll wait for the trailer before I start condemning but they have a lot making up to do for Wolverine fans. I'm all for more Wolverine but if they mess up Frank Miller's story they really will have lost me. On the other hand I'd rather see Jackman show up in First Class 2 as a pre-Weapon X Wolverine than watch a mess that X-Men 4 would certainly be. They could erase that magic bullet nonsense with Xavier just wiping his mind. Since the studio has established that First Class has it's own X-Men canon.

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