September 29, 2011

EW's Terrible Photoshopped Avengers Cover

This is one for the books, I've never seen Marvel Studios fuck up so badly with the debut of a magazine cover. They've had such great covers previously for Iron Man 1-2, Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor from Empire (check out below). This time Avengers isn't getting the best first look here from Entertainment Weekly. The bad photoshop makes Thor's wig look more obvious and makes Tony Stark look like here's wearing one (which he isn't). The out of place pouting face on Banner makes me question why he's looking so angry and not turning green. Cap's costume looks even more cheap looking than the set images making it look like something a comic-con fan made. Oddly enough I think Black Widow and Hawkeye look decent enough but look out of place. First impressions are important to fans and this seems like the first misstep considering how much Disney and Marvel are gambling with this massive film.

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