September 2, 2011

Bob Layton Wants The Ghost To Be The Villain In Iron Man 3

While talking to 411Maina Iron Man comic book writer Bob Layton was asked about Iron Man 3 villains. Which Bob replied he'd love to see Ghost be the baddie and is pushing Shane Black to use him. Black is going to have double duties on the film writing and directing.

"I'll let you know when I talk to him. The Ghost is who I want them to go with. It's the villain I want them to use. I'm looking forward to getting the chance to talk to him about it"

Ghost is a rather popular Iron Man villain who is currently a member of the Thunderbolts and has already been introduced to fans in the Iron Man Armored series. He's a cyber terrorist fitted with his "ghost-tech" that allows him to sneak into buildings and hack up a storm without ever being noticed. Along with some interesting weapons to go along with his technology. The espionage angle of the villain seems perfect for the more grounded approached the second sequel is boasting. Since the character has worked for both A.I.M. and the Roxxon Energy Corporation it seems that he could moonlight for anyone. The Roxxon building was shown during the Iron Monger and Iron Man L.A. battle in the first film.

-Previously there had been rumblings of Emily Blunt being considered for the role of Madame Masque.

-Clark Gregg has given fans via his Twitter account the impression that Agent Coulson will return for Iron Man 3.

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