September 25, 2011

CAST EM': Ridley Scott's Untitled Blade Runner Film

Now that Prometheus is wrapping up and starting post-production Ridley Scott's next film is gathering some steam. The yet Untitled Blade Runner Film is gearing up to be another exciting experiment of Ridley revisiting his past masterpieces. This time focusing on the world of replicants (cyborgs) and blade runners. We have no idea where the story will go or how it will be connected to the original film. My hope is that at the very least still it's as dark and violent as the first movie.

I have a few ideas of actors and actresses who should be considered for roles in the film. I'm using the fact that Prometheus' casting ended up with a majority of actors Ridley hasn't worked with before. The casting of Prometheus is being used to influence how I could see Ridley, Alcon and Warners Bros. could be placing actors in roles. Of course the film is from starting production any time soon with a writer only rumored to be in talks.

RYAN GOSLING: High in demand at the studio Ryan is quickly moving into the leading man role. He's gathered praise for films like Blue Valentine, Lars & The Real Girl and Half Nelson (Oscar Nominated). Along with a lot of buzz for his art house action thriller Drive that could see him earn some awards nominations this year. Gosling is currently shooting Gangster Squad, attached to Nicolas Winding Refn's Logan's Run remake and being considered for Steven Soderbergh's The Man From UNCLE.

TOM HARDY: Hardy is also quickly becoming important to Warner Bros. starring in two large Christopher Nolan films Inception and Dark Knight Rises. He's also seemingly getting his own WB franchise in the making replacing Mel Gibson in Max Mad Fury Road. Warrior could be the breakout film for Hardy as it's getting a lot of awards talk. He's also worked with Ridley previously on Black Hawk Down.

RICHARD ARMITMAGE: Richard (Captain America, Hobbit) is another actor about to explode in the next couple of years. He's mostly known for his work on British television on shows like Spooks, Robin Hood and Strike Back. However, this will all change when the two Hobbit films are released with Richard playing Thorin Oakenshield. Warner Bros. is financing the films and might look to the actor who is almost unrecognizable in his dwarf makeup for future big projects like Blade Runner. 

TOM HIDDLESTON: Tom is another rising star having a breakout commercial role in Marvel's Thor 1-2 and Avengers playing the villain Loki. He's also gathering some praise for upcoming films Deep Blue Sea and Steven Spielberg's War Horse. I'd like to think that he would fit nicely in this world either in the role of hero or villain. I could see Hiddleston becoming the next Michael Fassbender if given the right film projects.

JOEL KINNAMAN: The Swedish actor blew up when he headlined the thriller Snabba Cash. Landing roles in David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the acclaimed show The Killing. Joel re-teamed with director Daniel Espinosa for the Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds film Safe House. He's currently filming the Snabba Cash sequel and is wanted by Steven Soderbergh for a lead role in The Man From UNCLE. 

ROONEY MARA: David Fincher's muse is going be big after The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is released in December. From the trailers it looks like Rooney might be Oscar bound and could end up with a nomination. Ridley actively pursed Noomi Rapace for Prometheus who played Lisbeth in in the original Swedish film. She has similar qualities being able to give a strong psychical performance.

BELLA HEATHCOTE: Bella is already making a name for herself starring alongside Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. The Australian actress is likely to explode after she is seen in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows (A Warner Bros. Production) and Andrew Dominik's gangster flick Cogan's Trade.

FELICITY JONES: Felicity (The Tempest) is a young actress who is giving interesting performances in smaller films like Cemetery Junction and Like Crazy. She had been in contention to play Snow White in the dark fantasy thriller Snow White & The Huntsman. Jones has a lot of potential and isn't over exposed like many other actresses her age.

GEMMA ARTERTON: Gemma had originally met with Ridley for a role in Prometheus but ultimately didn't get it. Catching his eye with her film The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Where she went from damsel to a lady who can kick some ass. While that didn't work out I think she might be a better fit for this with her sultry look. She's been mostly a background player in large films but is moving more into the spotlight with Alice Creed and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters alongside Jeremy Renner.

RUTH WILSON: I've been vocal on the site recently for Ruth to be put in more films. Ruth is the main reason the BBC series Luther is such a success. She's currently attached to Disney's Lone Ranger along with a role in Joe Wright's (Hanna, Atonement) Anna Karenina. 

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