February 2, 2013

RUMOR: Shane Black Could Direct JUSTICE LEAGUE If Zack Snyder Passes

While we've heard names like Christopher Nolan and Ben Affleck could be involved with making Justice League. The latter denied ever being in talks even though a creditable source confirmed he was in talks, similar to his meetings for Man of Steel. Nolan on the other hand had been linked for producer role similar to his godfathering of Man of Steel. Ben had also been named as the runner up for directing Star Wars Episode VII.  LatinoReview has tweeted that Shane Black in the mix for the directing job and could be hired if Zack Snyder passes. Black seen above has had a long standing relationship with Warner Bros. being the creative force behind their Lethal Weapon franchise and the underrated Bruce Willis action comedy The Last Boy Scout.

Shane was scooped up by Marvel Studios to co-write and direct Iron Man 3 with his good friend Robert Downey Jr. in the lead. The pair previously worked together on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ( a Warner Bros. production) a film that resurrected Downey's career and helped him land the lead in Iron Man. Even if Iron Man 3 overshadows previous installments Marvel likes to keep things fresh by hiring new directors. While it's possible Black could stay on to produce and write future Iron Man sequels. It doesn't seem likely he'll be asked to return to direct. Giving him the ability to move on to other big projects. Having Black add major rewrites to the Justice League script could also help reign in the quality of the project.

It also sounds like it's Zack Snyder's (300, Watchmen) job to give up. As Warner Bros. seemed happy with his work on Man of Steel as they started development on a sequel. A recent article pointed to Snyder taking meetings with LucasFilm about making a standalone film set in the Star Wars universe. It will be interesting to see if Snyder ends up making Man of Steel 2, Justice League or his Star Wars spin-off.

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