February 8, 2013

JUSTICE LEAUGE Script From Will Beall Getting Tossed By WB?

BadAssDigest is reporting that Warner Bros. is throwing out Will Beall's recent draft of Justice League because of it's quality. The writer scripted their recent bomb Gangster Squad it's lackluster performance could also be a reason. Justice League is also have major problems finding a director and it could be a major factor for the studio going back to the drawing board. It's been mentioned WB is also waiting until the release of Man of Steel before moving forward with the film, so they have time to weigh their options.

Ben Affleck (Argo, The Town) and Shane Black (Iron Man 3) have been linked to direct Justice League. Both directors are also screenwriters, Ben being an Oscar winning writer. I'm sure if they give free reign to someone similar to what they did with Christopher Nolan for his Batman films it might pay-off. Affleck had been hoping for Episode VII but was edged out by J.J. Abrams it's possible the studio could throw a lot of options at him. Black is also well-known for writing skills and could end up making a name for himself as a blockbuster director depending on the success of Iron Man 3 in May. Interesting enough WB had been pursuing Affleck for Gangster Squad also written by Will Beall but passed. Perhaps, the main sticking point is that Ben wants to write it himself being a massive comic book fan.

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