February 26, 2013

Could Alfonso Cuarón Direct STAR WARS EPISODE VIII?

MarketSaw has been one of the only non-trades on the pulse of the new Star Wars trilogy. They were the first ones to actually announce the new trilogy back in 2009 and took it on the chin because LucasFilm didn't confirm the news for ages. They also revealed the directors list for Episode VII which included runner-up Matthew Vaughn who was confirmed to have pitched to LucasFilm. Another name on that list was Alfonso Cuarón. The site is reporting that Alfonso is now lining-up to direct Episode VIII, Episode IX or both. If true,  J.J. Abrams might only be around for Episode VII.

The director is best known for the dystopian thriller Children of Men and his much more mature Harry Potter installment The Prisoner of Azkaban. His anticipated sci-fi thriller Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney will finally be released later this year. Alfonso Cuarón was reported back in September to be working with J.J. Abrams on an untitled supernatural/superpower series for NBC, which Alfonso would co-write/direct the pilot. It's very likely the relationship with Abrams has grown since along with the fact that Cuarón had been on LucasFilms' radar. We should keep in mind that three different directors made the original trilogy. It could be the studio is also aiming for a darker film with Episode VIII similar to Empire Strikes Back. Having Cuarón directing could find the right amount of darkness for a PG-13 film.

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